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Transparent Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Time : 2019-11-21 Hits : 239

There are many kinds of transparent plastic plates, such as PVC sun sheet, PP hollow sheet, depending on the need of transparent conditions, if used for light transmission, you can choose transparent PVC sun sheet. If you only need a plastic plate that is not transparent, it is recommended to use a plastic pp hollow sheet.

The transparent plastic pp hollow sheet is made of new pp raw materials. The transparent plastic pp hollow sheet  is more tough than the PVC sun board, and can be folded, the pressure is not easy to be crushed, green, environmentally friendly, recyclable and recycled.

The transparent plastic pp hollow sheet has a wide range of uses, and can be used as a sunshade for planting fruit and planting scaffolding, and can also be made into a packaging box, a hollow board turnover box, a partition plate, a divider card and the like.

Zhisen Plastics has 17 years of experience in the hollow board industry. It can formulate different production formulas to meet customer requirements, quality assurance and factory direct sales prices, so that users can use good quality and save money. 

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