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The working principle of anti-static corrugated plastic box

Time : 2019-12-23 Hits : 159

Winter is a season that is prone to static electricity. Manufacturers of electronic components and electronic products will have anti-static clothing for employees to wear to work. This can eliminate static electricity and prevent electronic components and electronic products from being damaged by static electricity.

Anti-static corrugated plastic box can be used to load electronic components and electronic products, and can effectively remove electrostatic charges, so that electronic components and electronic products are effectively and securely protected during transportation.

Anti-static corrugated plastic box is made of anti-static corrugated plastic sheet. Due to the structural characteristics of the corrugated plastic sheet, the sheets have shock absorption and strong compression resistance. The product plays a very good buffering role. The antistatic index of the antistatic corrugated plastic sheet is from the 106 to 109 . It can effectively remove the static charge, and the effect is permanent, unlike applying antistatic oil. The effect of antistatic oil can only be maintained for a period of time, and the duration of antistatic maintenance is still unstable. It is not as good as antistatic corrugated plastic sheet. During the production process, the conductive masterbatch is mixed into the raw materials, so the antistatic effect is permanent.

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