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The value of corrugated plastic turnover box in commodity packaging

Time : 2019-11-05 Hits : 166

The corrugated plastic sheet is a new type of packaging material. If it is worth from the value of the product packaging, it should have the following three properties:

  1. 1. Easy recycling

  2. Mainly refers to the material used in corrugated plastic sheet should be conducive to environmental protection, effective conservation of resources, and no pollution to the environment. It's a type of green material.

  3. 2. Easy to use

  4. The convenient use here mainly refers to the raw materials produced the corrugated plastic turnover box. The finished product should be convenient for the user to open the package and take out the contents, and it is very closed and is not prone to breakage and the like.

  5. 3. Saving costs

  6. The packaging material market should be very wide, because the cost is easy to reduce. The cost savings mainly refer to the rational use of the economy, the research on the savings of packaging materials, and the cost of equipment such as mechanical packaging, as well as the efficiency of packaging and its own quality, which are related to cost savings.

The three points listed above are the value that the corrugated plastic turnover box should have in the product packaging. The corrugated plastic turnover box is non-toxic, odorless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light-weight, gorgeous in appearance, rich in color, pure, and has Advantages such as bending resistance, anti-aging, stretching, compression, and high tear strength are widely used in electronics and hardware industries.

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