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How do you view the development status of corrugated plastic turnover box manufacturers?

Time : 2019-11-11 Hits : 157

Nowadays, corrugated plasti turnover boxes have replaced the ordinary carton, which has attracted more and more attention from enterprises. Therefore, the development potential of corrugated plastic turnover box manufacturers is very large, because the corrugated plastic turnover boxes have the advantages that cannot be replaced by any other products:

1. can be tailor-made, does not require expensive mold costs, according to customer specifications, as long as simply open a lower cost die.

2. Reduce the packaging cost of the enterprise. Although the price of the corrugated plastic sheet is slightly expensive and the initial cost is high, it will be found to have a long service life and a large number of uses, which is low cost.

3. The corrugated plastic turnover box belongs to environmental protection products. With the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection in China, many enterprises have become more and more environmentally conscious, especially for foreign-funded enterprises, forcibly implementing green procurement, and designating their suppliers according to their requirements. To supply, many suppliers of foreign companies are driven to use corrugated plastic packaging products.

4. The protection effect is good, no matter the shape of the product, the corrugated plastic packaging can solve, and can be well stored, turnover, transportation, so that the packaged products will not bump, scratch, to achieve the desired effect.

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