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anti-static polypropylene sheet

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Product introduction:the anti-static polypropylene sheet is a kind of hollow sheet, which has an anti-static function compared with the ordinary conductive hollow sheet, amd its surface resistivity is different from conductive sheet. The anti-static polypropylene sheet is 106-1011 Ω, and the conductive hollow sheet is generally 101-105 Ω. 

The sheet is generally made of special anti-static material such as eco-friendly, non-polluting and recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) resin. It is a new type anti-static matiral  of container and packaging.

Product features: anti-static hollow sheet'anti-static index is 106-109It is a light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, sun-proof, anti-aging, anti-corrosion PP material. Compared with cardboard structure products, hollow sheet have the advantages of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, amd lighter weight. Quality assurance hollow sheet material can be completely recycled, green and environmentally friendly.

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