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Factory is an enterprise integrating research and development, design, productionand marketing to bring you the very best in modern plastics. This Company was founded in 2002. We arelocated in Shijie Town, Dongguan which is located in the busy Pearl River Delta in Canton.

Our facilities cover an area of more than 20000 m². Presently we own several production lines of hollow sheet plastics, morethan 20 sets of deep-processing equipment, and more than 10 sets of advanced injection molding equipment.Our Company specializes in producing various types of plastic hollow sheets (such as conductive, anti-staticand ordinary hollow sheets, et..), hollow sheet containers, hollow sheet knives and clamps.We also pro-duce different types of deep-processed hollow sheet products such as boxes, suction plastic products and soon; different kinds of plastic trays, reusable containers, reusable baskets, work bins, templates; domesticsanitary plastic product; plastic smelting tools, clamping devices and plastics.

  • Delivery on time

    Our company mainly uses sea transportation. we can also provide other ways of transportation.

  • Production capacity

    6 production lines continue to work for 24 hours. daily output 30 tons, momthly output 900 tons

  • Superb technology

    more than 20 years of industry technology, design elites gather Zhi Sen

  • Professional team

    10 senior sale teams with 7 years market experience, provide English service within 24 hours

Why Choose Us

We operate a worldwide business and our focus is on the European, Asia and African regions and on building strong relationship with our customers. However, the range of products is always developing according to our customers' needs.

Quick Quotation and Sampling Service.
Quality and customer come first are our standard.
An enterprise integrated with scientific, industrial, trading.


Professional Manufacturers

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal at Zhisen. We will continue to further optimize our business management system and after-sales service system, so we can provide customers around the work with the best products, backed by our excellent service, and we always do our best to meet all the need of our customers.


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